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Domain Registration and Hosting Services

A domain name gives a better identity to your brand.

Every domain is unique and meant to serve different purpose. A domain name sets an identity and reflects on the brand. The domain name should be easy for the customers to spell and use for the service that they look for.

Domain Registration at Shiras Digital Services Pvt Ltd.

Establish the brand at new horizons

Domain name gives a clear introduction about the business in the market and speaks about the purpose of the business. This makes a credibility among the customers who search for a specific purpose.

Stay on top in customer’s minds

A domain named associated to the service is easier for the customers to remember, recall and retain. This helps the customer to approach the domain named service provider for future use without giving a second thought.

Rank higher in search engines

Every service is reached as a result of keyword search performed on any search engine. It is important to name the domain related to the business as it helps to rank higher in the search engine for similar keyword search.

We make our client to experience a user - ready domain and extend the following

  • We support in choosing the right domain name suitable for the business.
  • We provide the possible domain extensions to register
  • We make a robust integration with websites and other necessary applications.
  • We offer customizable sub-domains.

Digital Shiras Services provide the reliable and fast hosting services. With dynamic servers, we take our associated clients close to their customers on the most reliable hosting platform. We work best and provide hosting services like web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, and SSD cloud.

We help you better to choose a domain name for your business / brand. Consider the following rules to choose a name for your business or brand.

  • Domain names should contain alphabets 'A' to 'Z' or 'a' to 'z', Numbers 0-9.
  • Try not to have hyphen (-), special characters and spaces.
  • Domain name cannot be case sensitive and not more than 63 characters.

Choose a domain name that is

  • Simple, short and memorable
  • A top level domain name like .com, .in, .org etc..
  • Use target keywords to name the domain.