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7 Content Promotion Tactics to redefine your Content Marketing Strategy

There are millions of blog posts being posted every day. It is hard to say that all viewers open every blog post. An effective content marketing has become the need of the hour to promote the business product or service. For content to appear on the first list in the search engine, create relevant content with relevant keywords. The real success lies in content promotion; this determines the effectiveness of the content and measures the reach among the visitors.

Now, the content strategy also adds up to the business schedule and budget. Here are a few tactics to consider for promoting the content.

Content promotion strategies to make visitors read your content.

In the initial days, the businesses, which started to do content marketing with the internet, was easy. Later with more businesses penetrating in the internet space, the search engine ranking competition is tough.

Content has become the heart of all business promoting activities. A good content strategy is responsible to establish good visibility, reach out people and be discovered, and stay connected.

Social Media Promotion

Stay connected with your relevant audiences.

Social media is the right platform for content promotion. Social media channels take the business product or services to direct audiences. Marketing collaterals like brochures, pamphlets, and business logo can be shared over social media, which has the option of extensive targeting opportunities, making it easier to connect with a focused audience among the targeted group.

Promoting content through social media is a clever approach that assures brand awareness. Content promotion on social media channels involves

  • 1. Paid social media ads
  • 2. Tapping the correct audience through frequent communication
  • 3. Sharing relevant content in the social media groups

Every social media platform is different and provides varied word limit and image size. It is necessary to create a social media post in different formats with relevant information, image, and website link.

Sending E-mail Broadcast

Let the business e-mails reach your specific set of visitors.

Email marketing has become a part of any business communication. Here are a few insights to make you understand how important an e-mail broadcast is.

  • 1. It is expected that the number of email users would be around 4.1 billion by 2022, which is half of the human population.
  • 2. It is the best customer acquisition channel with 78% of customer response for a 'Welcome message'.
  • 3. E-mails, when configured on mobile platforms, are said to have nearly 80% of response from the

With these such success parameters, email broadcast becomes a successful channel to reach a specific audience among the targeted group. Emails are to be catchy for the visitors to click and read the information. Here are a few functional tips to draft a catchy email.

  • 1. An impressive subject line for the mail.
  • 2. Sending product update mail at regular time intervals.
  • 3. Creating digital magazines or a blog archive to help the readers to see even the older posts.
  • 4. Sending dedicated emails such as welcome mail for the new visitors, product/business updates process confirmation or completion messages etc.
  • 5. Sending a series of emails to perform lead nurturing activates.

Promote content among like-minded people

It is not necessary that all visitors to the website be converted as customers. If your intention is to expand your reach, it is very much necessary for your associates also to actively take part in groups that are of similar interests. Share your business product or services among the official groups of like-minded people. Such groups are the right platform to expose your business. This could lead to brand awareness and the easiest way to reach out to the target audience.

The association with the relevant groups is a win-win situation to establish the business through other platforms. This platform connects your content with like-minded people who work with similar interest and wanting to promote their content as well.

Experimenting influencer outreach for content promotion

Influencer outreach has been claimed to be one of the fastest and reliable ways to reach more audience. The value of influence outreach is gaining popularity for its proven success rate when compared to traditional marketing methods. Twitter research admits that nearly 40% of their customers buy the products or services through the influencer's recommendation.

In other words, influencer outreach is more like a celebrity product endorsement. Here the engagement is less yet it increases brand credibility. This type of campaign grabs the attention of a wide audience than tapping them into a very specific niche.

Participate and share it in a community contest

Several communities serve a different purpose. Some are niche communities which serve unique purposes and suitable for the business. It is a wise decision to take part in such communities and spread awareness about your business. This benefits your business as well as make the other participants know about your business profile.

Here a couple of things work great for your content promotion

  • 1. A good space to focus and work more on self-promotion
  • 2. A perfect place to share the best of best services of your business

The initial action of self-promotion helps to focus more on what you want to highlight to your audience group.

Make your readers share your content post

It is common that you expect your readers to read about your product or service. However, it is human psychology to lose interest very soon in reading a big product or service content. It is easy and simple to resolve this situation. Create small information snippets and quote it in your product or service content and include your social media icons to it.

In general, the readers scan your quote to grab the information, tend to click, and read more about it. Placing a social media icon below the post makes it easy for the readers to share the content on their social media pages.

A visual image is likely to grab the reader's attention and it is easy to share on social media pages. Some social media platforms like Pinterest focus on visual driven content.

Reuse your old content

This strategy is all about making use of the existing content. Content promotion happens always with existing and new customers. Therefore, it is important to have an error-free original content in the initial days of content publishing. The original information could be modified and re-written for promotional activities.

Checklist for content re-use process

  • 1. Make a content audit
  • 2. Use the same URL and keywords
  • 3. Check for consistency
  • 4. Check for internal links
  • 5. Review the terminologies used as they change as per trends
  • 6. Identify new opportunities to link the existing content
  • 7. Integrated a new 'call to action' performance
  • 8. Promote the content post through e-mail as a 'refreshed post'. This will interest the new customers and keep the old customers reminded
  • 9. Monitor and measure the traffic and interactions occurred for the content post

Make a clear content plan to have maximum online visibility to your business products or services. Appropriate content promotion models matter a lot for online visibility.