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Artificial Intelligence – is it a mystery box offering a world full of possibilities or is it just a frivolous mix of words? Continue reading to know more.

Everyone seems to be talking about AI and a fair amount of us know what it means and the bearing it has in today's time. This modern-day phenomenon is becoming the game-changer in every sector or industry out there bringing with it improved productivity, efficiency, and increased profitability.

We get the point of empowering gadgets to become smart to make our lives easy, but what relevance does it hold in digital marketing efforts? What is the future of AI in digital marketing?

As we herald the beginning of a new decade, the marketing experts at Digital Shiras have compiled a list of reasons on why and how artificial intelligence in digital marketing plays a crucial role in the modern marketing world:

Reaching the intended audience:

With growing digitization, the browsing rate of consumers on smart devices like mobile, tabs and desktops is witnessing a significant climb. A growing number of users means a large pool of data that cannot be harnessed adequately in traditional marketing techniques. But AI can do that job for you. It can delve deep into this large pool of data and enable digital marketers to reach their targeted set of audience through segmentation based on gender, age, interests, profession, etc. This helps you in creating a proper target-based marketing plan to reach your potential customers directly.

Create valuable content:

Search engines deploy AI technology for their algorithms to show results that are accurate, relevant and are made available in the quickest time possible to the user. So how about letting AI create valuable content for your business? Don’t be surprised, it can! At times like these when we see immense content overload, quality is of the essence. This technology can convert raw data into a well-written article in different formats through specific tools and programs.

Personalize the user journey:

AI makes it possible! Based on the user's shopping or browsing history, marketers can now create personalized and customized advertisements to serve the audience what they wish to see. When you present a user what they wish to see, they will like it and connect with your business immediately.

Chats Bots:

These are computer programmed messaging platform designed to interact with people online and give them a faster resolution to their queries or concerns. Chat Bots with AI understand queries better, respond accurately in a more personalized way learns from past conversions and accordingly look into improving future interactions.

Improved Security:

Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing can protect your business from cyber-attacks like hacking, breach of privacy and data because it constantly tracks the algorithm for any abnormal and irregular movements. In the event of any such discrepancies, it immediately sends out an alert to the marketer to engage in remedial measures.

Enables Predictive Marketing:

It is impossible to make any future analysis or predict the market conditions using the traditional modes of marketing since it involves a voluminous amount of data. But AI makes it seem like a walk in the park as it can be deployed for getting an in-depth analysis of inbound communications and decode them to undertake activities as deemed fit. In short, AI can help filter important information from a large pool of data in a short time with an accurate analysis that centers on the probability of a conversion.

So there it is – the new dawn of digital marketing backed with the power of AI. This technology keeps on evolving and is here to stay. With the way things are shaping up with AI especially in the online marketing scenario, the time is ripe to harness its power for your business.

As a new-age marketer Digital Shiras is all about making your business grow with the help of AI-powered tools to give it cutting edge benefits, making you stand out from the rest. So, come on-board and let our experts help you bridge the gap between what your brand has to say and what your consumers want to listen to.