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Digital Marketing in 2021 - What to Expect

The digital marketing landscape is undergoing a dramatic shift. Modern-day marketing is different than it was a decade ago and will continue to evolve giving businesses and brands limitless possibilities to be innovative and make themselves stand out from the competition. While the blame can be pinned on the virus for the many disruptions it is causing, consumption of online content and social media have surged big-time. There may be a temporary slump that can be put to good use because now is the best time to realign and refocus the digital marketing efforts.

So what’s in store for tomorrow? What about the beyond? Let’s find out:

More Users on the Internet:

With a stay at home and lockdown measures in place, many will get on the internet to either browse random stuff online or log on to do work from home. With store footfalls at a record low, now is the ripe time for digital marketers to work thoroughly on PPC and SEO campaigns because more and more people are now searching online for products. Even if they are not buying or subscribing, this method will bring some level of visibility and create a certain brand value.

Create Goodwill:

No sales are happening so there is not much scope in engaging digital marketing activities with a target audience to persuade them to buy. Instead, this time can be invested in creating some positive impact and goodwill. It can be in terms of safety and health advice, encouraging people to share their story and much more. So when the world gets back on its feet, such brands will be their first choice. A humane touch is effective and never forgotten.

Voice Search Marketing:

This was predicted way back and has continued to make its presence stronger as we get comfortable with Siri, Cortana, and Alexa in our lives, having learned new ways of using these voice-controlled devices. Earlier, these devices were being used for basic activities like listening to music, accessing weather info, and so on. Now, this trend has moved up a notch. These smart devices can not only play your favorite song but it can inform you about new upcoming albums, latest hits and discover more such artists. In the online shopping arena, using these voice devices can help you get some great deals and discounts. With the rise in possibilities, it is quite evident that these devices will present a unique opportunity to formulate campaigns and advertisements using the customer's latest purchases and choices.

Smartphones will lead the way:

With the immense popularity of smartphones, search trends have shifted tremendously over the years. With people spending more time on their hand-held devices, businesses will need to align their digital marketing strategies accordingly. With a mélange of online platforms and channels easily accessible over phones that can contribute to the effectiveness of the brand, digital marketers have a lot on their plate in the coming years.

2020 seems to be a year of uncertainty and humanity is facing the peril of all kinds. With a tiny invisible virus wreaking havoc in every business across the world, many digital plans have either got axed or put on hold indefinitely. Though 90% of businesses are reviewing budgets for marketing, digital marketing is still going strong. And also, part of being a marketer involves looking ahead, so it’s wise to assess the latest technology available that will bring business to customers, if not today then some day in future when this menace is over and life goes back to its usual form.

As they say, this too shall pass and it will. Meanwhile, let’s continue working for a stronger comeback