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Search Engine Optimization

You need your business to have a credible image among the target audience. For which you approach an SEO specialist and implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to optimize your website and works good. The website is ranked high for the related keyword searched in the search engines.

This would not be the same and sustain for longer period as the Google search algorithm keeps changing. This will have a ripple effect on the business website too. After a period, you would see the website page is listed in the second or third page.

It is the high time to use some credible SEO techniques to rank the website page in the search engines. In general, website traffic comes from the search queries, which initiates the need to implement the following SEO techniques.

SEO Techniques for more organic traffic

All SEO experts kick start the optimization process with a website audit. Web site auditing is carried to find the reason why the website is not ranking high on the search engines. This analysis will help to make necessary improvements in optimizing the website.

The SEO expert can alter the content in accordance with the user's behavioral change and environment. This approach increase the website traffic and generates more leads.

Optimized landing page

Optimized landing page improves sales and lead generation. It is good for the business to have a valuable customer on their products or services landing page through search engines. Search engines suggest the business products or services landing page directly for the search query in the search engine. Apart from good content and impressive web design links are the important factor for Google page rank. With an alarming increase of mobile users, it is necessary to optimize the web page for the mobile platform. The web page has to be mobile friendly and carry out the actions preferred by the user.

Infographics to convey complex content

Infographics is a powerful tool to consolidate and convey the message in more simple and effective manner. It is the human tendency to grab and retain the information more from the visuals than the plain content.

Creating an infographic involves in-depth research and high-quality content. Infographics are submitted to various infographic directories. It is shared with quality links to have more traffic to the website.

Latent Semantic Indexing for Better SEO

Businesses are competing to rank higher in the search engines, which is not the key to success. There are many reasons for a visitor can leave the website and the visitor bounce rate increases. The primary reason is the visitor is finding the content, which is irrelevant to the search keyword. Latent Semantic Indexing helps the visitors to look for the relevant content and improves the websites to provide content that is more relevant. A business website has more chances of ranking higher in the search engines, get more impression for the post and convert the leads into customers if the content is relevant.

Content Marketing Plan

In the business competitive spectrum, keywords has a great role to play. A well-defined content plan is all set to execute a marketing plan. Content marketing comprises a set of actions like creating, distributing and sharing content to engage audiences, generate leads, improve branding, and other marketing goals. The parameters to develop a content marketing strategy includes:

  • 1. Identifying and understanding the target audience
  • 2. Finding the audience needs and preferences
  • 3. Choosing the appropriate channels to propagate
  • 4. Metrics to analyze the success and ROI
  • 5. Methods to implement to solve the pain points

Creating Backlinks

Backlinks are very important in the SEO world. According to Google search engine links dominate the page ranks. Not all page serves the purpose of being ranked in the search engines. The competition for the quality content is high and the page linked to such pages are the ones that is identified by the search engines. The best practice is to create many medium quality page links ending up to a single content. This could be linked from landing pages, services/product pages, contact us page, blogs, social media sites, forums, directories, 'about us' page etc.. With these many quality back-links, it is easy to fetch enormous visitors to the business website.

Visual Based Content to drive the traffic

It is a natural human tendency to grasp and retain more information from the visuals rather than words. It is a proven fact that nearly 90% of information is passed on to the human brain through visuals. Generally, visuals include images, videos, presentations, infographics, memes, and more.

A quality content can be presented with compelling relevant images, making the readers to skim and summarize the context. The span of attention among the readers has gone down due to the oversaturation of digital content. So a unique image adds value to the content when published on the website. There are number of online tools to design and develop compelling images.

Video has the maximum reader retention rate than that of the content. Videos easily grab the reader’s attention and increases the conversion rate by 80%. Presentations and infographics are the excellent tools to simplify any complex data into easy understandable graphs.

User Experience to increase optimization

User Experience refers to how the site visitors experience while navigating. User Experience and SEO complements each other to enhance the website traffic. Without SEO a website is subjected to suffer without a good user experience. A website with good user experience entices, retains the site visitors, and proceeds to convert the visitor into a customer.

SEO is claimed to be successful only if the website provides relevant content to the target audience. The end line is a website will reach its purpose of having great website traffic by focusing on user intent and incorporating these 7 SEO techniques.