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Save time with these social media management hacks

The fact is, social media marketing and social media management will take up an entire day and which is likely to be an everyday affair. As social media is something which your business cannot ignore considering the promotional campaigns and posts that not only garner traffic but also helps the visitor to get acclimated with your brand is a given. Social Media when rightly used with proper social media marketing techniques and social media optimization strategies will greatly benefit your business.

This being said, it is very important to understand that many hours on end are devoted to reap the maximum benefits of showcasing your brand on the many social media platforms. As managing social media accounts is a never-ending task, it can be a black hole consuming all your time. However, when you utilize the right plans and strategies along with certain useful hacks that will not only make it easy for you to manage your brand on these platforms but will also help you save ample time. Listed below are a few hacks that will help you derive the most of social media in very little time.

Prioritizing social media platforms is the key to time management

The various social media platforms battle it out every year to remain on top of the trending charts. This should be the reason enough for you to prioritize the different platforms based on their currently trending ranks. This is because these ranks depict the popularity based on the traffic or people actively engaged in these social media platforms.

It is always important to consider your business and brand while deciding on the social media platforms to prioritize. Focusing your time and efforts on the platforms that are more likely to get you your potential leads is the key here. Determining your customers and the kind of social media platform they use regularly can be easily accomplished with a few simple techniques. Some of the reliable digital marketing agencies will help you determine the apt social media platform to increase your sales and ROIs.

The importance of a social media calendar

Social media calendar must include your posts for the month. These posts could be specific for dates and certain special occasions. It could be articles, videos, or something about your company that would attract the audience. By creating a definite schedule, it is easier for you to stay organized and in turn save ample time while managing your company’s social media accounts.

While creating your calendar, it is imperative to creating your own templates as it will save you time when you maintain a standard one by associating it with the identity of your company. It also saves you time from having to create posts from scratch. You can also think of topics your colleagues can contribute every week by using their own social media accounts. For instance, if it’s a tweet, you can retweet or quote these tweets to increase your twitter interactions. This is one of the means of saving time by crowdsourcing your social media content.

Account grouping when you have multiple social media accounts

Managing multiple social media accounts is time-consuming and even more so when compared to managing one account. Sometimes it is confusing as well and to avoid it, you can organize the various accounts in groups which will make it easy to schedule the posts on single platforms with many accounts.

When you want to save your posts for reusing them at a later time, you can make use of content libraries. Rather than spending hours at a stretch in creating posts and using the same for just once equals wasting time. By reusing the posts from the content library by determining the right time and allowing the use of auto-posting will not just save your time but will also help you maximize your social media engagement rate.

Track your time and pay heed to social media matrices

As you track the performance matrix of your social media accounts it is equally important to track the time you spend in social media management. When you determine the time taken to create and run a social media campaign, you can also determine the ROI of that particular social media project. This also helps in determining the time the future projects may take allowing you to manage your time better and in turn saving your time.

Social media matrices help you assess your social media performance by giving you a clearer picture of what is working for your business and what is not. When you are certain of the strategies that do not fetch results, you can simply avoid them and follow the strategies that work best for you. Hence, reviewing analytics to get a detailed picture of the performance of your social media strategies is very important. This is because you will save time by skipping the techniques that do not work for your business.