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Digital Marketing has become a common practice among business people irrespective of business size, industry, and geographic location.

The ultimate goal of any business would be to reach more audiences. Their intention is to identify their reliable target audiences among the crowd and convert them into their customers for their product /service. Digital marketing process like SEO, SMM, and SEM offers more opportunities to compete, improve brand awareness, and build the target audience.

Digital Marketing is one such process helps to achieve these goals and an effective methodology to grow the business beyond barriers. Digital Marketing trends have redefined business strategies and bringing remarkable profits at minimal cost expenditure.

Reasons to integrate Digital Marketing in business

Digital marketing is partially dependent on social behavior that reflects through social media channels. Annually there is an increase of 13% of social media users worldwide. All business holders are keen on having a digital presence but fail to meet the business goals driven by digital marketing due to lack of choosing the appropriate digital marketing technique. Digital marketing is not the same for all business, its strategies and methodology differ irrespective of business whether it could be B2B or B2C. Here are the detailed insights about the necessity of incorporating digital marketing in the prevailing business trends.

More Opportunities to Compete

Digital marketing strategies and methodologies differ for every level of business. Yet it bridges the gap between large, medium and small-scale industries with a plethora of digital marketing tools. These tools serve the business purpose in both paid and unpaid advertisements.

Cost-effective than Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing campaigns and digital marketing campaigns serve the common business goal of reaching a huge crowd of target audience. The Traditional marketing campaign includes print and television medium that are costly and difficult to measure the ROI (return on investment). Digital marketing campaigns are cost-effective and reliable. It is easy to measure the effectiveness of the business in reaching the target audience and expect the approximate ROI

Digital marketing results are measurable

Every marketing effort implemented in the business is measurable over a period. Every digital marketing tactic implemented is measurable. The digital marketing analytics assists the markets to alter the marketing ideologies and frame new decisions to make the business grow.

Connects mobile users

The mobiles and mobile application are overtaking the desktops. Optimization of the webpage according to the mobile platforms is one of the best strategies to top rank the website. Mobile marketing opens up a huge space for new opportunities by creating more personalized user experience and reached more audience.

Easy to serve the customers

Digital marketing is dependent on user behavior on social media sites. It has become more convenient to reach out to the customers and sort out their problems. The social medium is supportive in engaging the customers

Top Indian Industry sectors leading through Digital Marketing Strategies.

Digital medium has become the most reliable source that customers tend to reach out to the products and build their business relationship. Nearly 92% of customers trust in digital medium of advertising. In addition to it the business holders build digital marketing campaigns to reap more profits. In the Indian scenario, digital marketing has revolutionized business success in credible manner throughout various industry sectors. Some of the prominent industry sectors implementing digital marketing strategy are as follows.

Health Care Industry

Digital Marketing is creating a ripple effect in the health care industry. According to a statistic report

  • 1. At least 1 in 20 persons search for health-related topics on Google search engine.
  • 2. Nearly 61% of patients look and verify over digital medium for at least two hospitals before taking up any treatment.
  • 3. At least 43% of people reach out to the hospital website first before reaching the hospital physically.
  • 4. The health care industry has penetrated into the mobile platform with more than 3, 25, 000 digital health care apps.

Real Estate Industry

Digital marketing has become the future in real estate business. The digital medium is serving the customers to the best with the digital tools. Tools like virtual tours, real-time images, customer reviews are used to boost the business exposure among the public audience. The real estate business owners are benefited through the analytics extracted from digital marketing. In general, most of the millennials do a basic research through the digital medium and later approach the real estate professionals. Digital marketing is a win-win situation for both the buyers and sellers.

Food Industry

In general, the food industry serves social community. Digital marketing is making a new trend of bringing more customers in to the FMCG sector. The entire marketing process is being digitally driven. Social media plays a central role in the marketing strategy. The first and foremost thing is to make advertisements for the food products to reach more audience. The marketer entices the audience with well-defined marketing strategies and increases the consumer group. After execution, digital marketing metrics gives a clear idea to the marketer for identifying his strengths and weakness.