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In the timeline of internet search engines there had been days where one has to type the website address to get it listed on the search engine result page (SERP). Google search engine has meticulously grown in indexing the webpages to render correct search results. ‘Search Engines’, as technically defined, is an information retrieval software that present required information based on user queries. The search engine follows a pattern or an algorithm to present the search results that are relevant to the user query. In this manner it becomes a mutual benefit for the user who search for information and the information provider.

In today’s competitive world, every individual want their business to be listed on top if not on grounds at least on the search engine result page (SERP). This listing on the webpage will lead to publicity and promotion of the business. To be even more specific, the details of business has to be listed among the target or relevant audience who are now digitally driven.

The Google search result page (SERP) would index the required data and show up results based on the relevancy of the query keywords. Algorithms carry out this process of listing the results.

Algorithms are nothing but set of rules for solving a problem in a countable logical manner. The webpage results that get listed are optimized which in a broader term it is called as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here are few elements that make the webpage to result as per the user query.

  • 1. Appearance of keywords that are relevant to the search keyword.
  • 2. The number of times a particular page that is listed for the keyword.
  • 3. Long-tail keyword listed in the h1 tags with quality content
  • 4. Optimized URls
  • 5. Meta title and description.
  • 6. Secured and accessible website
  • 7. Page loading speed (even the mobile page loading time) and more

Since the conception, Google search engine has made innumerable updates in the search algorithm to provide a refined search result. Some of the credible algorithm updates are listed below that were constructed to resolve the issues related to webpage listings on search.

Google Panda

Content play a major role in search engine listing. Google Panda algorithm specifically is built for quality content. It was developed to combat ‘Content Farms’ that increased junk content which made the indexing of webpages a difficult task. As a result, the entire domain will be penalized by Google. SEO optimization and Google Panda works hand in hand on webpage and webpage content. White Hat SEO techniques and strategies are very important to make the webpage to rank better in the search engine result page (SERP).

Google Penguin

Backlinks bring in huge impact to the webpage appearance on the search engine result page. Backlinks are nothing but the link that a website gets from another another website. Search engine measure the quality of the backlink rather than the number of links the website gets. The quality of backlinks is defined as the link being valuable, relevant and natural. Google Penguin, released in 2012 created a massive effect on many websites. Google Penguin looks for quality of the backlinks and discounts other negative or unnatural links. The process is to eliminate any kinds of search engine spam such keyword stuffing, link spamming, plagiarized content on the website and more.

Google Pirate

‘Google Pirate’ update was introduced in August 2012, designed as a part of anti-piracy measure. This is a penalty based update, which is designed to identify the websites that had copyright violations and to rank them low in the SERP. The websites that violated copy right information was accounted to a steep drop of nearly 96% of websites after the algorithm update. Google Pirate supported by Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), prevents individuals from stealing and distributing the digital content.

Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird was launched on Aug 2013, to carry out sophisticated search process resulting in precise search results at very less time duration. Google Hummingbird algorithm concentrates on search keyword and looks for words or meaning related to it. The key features – the keyword graph and semantic search carry out the exact match listed in the search engine making the algorithm efficient. However, Google Hummingbird have two hallmarks – the voice search and local search are operated in the world of various languages.

Google Pigeon

The advancements in technology have geared up the way the business is being projected globally. The Google Pigeon algorithm created a credible impact in the search results by focusing on the local search results. This update made the local business owners to witness credible impact on their analytics metrics. The update made a powerful impact among users and information providers by listing local search results organically.

Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain algorithm is the 3rd most important update from Google. It was launched in early 2015, built on machine learning artificial intelligence system. The system is used to assist Google in search process by converting the written data into mathematical entities called vectors that the machine can read and process search. This algorithm is credible for its high success rate in search results and providing customized search results based on location.

Google Mobile Friendly

It was in 2015, google officially announced that, the criteria of a website being mobile-friendly would be considered as a ranking signal in the Google search platform. The objective if this algorithm was to serve the users with relevant search results embedded with user-friendly experience when viewed on mobile devices with different screen dimensions.

Google Possum

The year 2016 was a big year or local search. There was a sudden boom of many companies coming up with SEO strategies on local and neighborhood level. Local search was on priority since after mobile-friendly update. The specification of Google Possum like being location specific, consideration of business outside the city limits, ranking the website as per the search keywords and more, made huge changes to the business listings. The goal of this update was to provide better results for the user.

Google Fred

Search engines are meant to provide useful information for the user. In such conditions content and information play a greater role. In March 2017, Google Fred algorithm update rolled out with a motive to target websites that used black-hat SEO tactics for aggressive monetization. This includes targeting the websites that had too much of ads for revenue generation purpose rather than serving apt answers to the user query. The ultimate solution to it was to reduce the advertisements on the websites and increase quality content.

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